Free Justina – Information the public should know

Many of you have no doubt heard the horrific story of 15 year old Justina Pelletier who has basically been kidnapped by the State of Massachusetts, DCF, and Boston Children’s Hospital. While many people are following this story, we need every American to be aware of this outrage.

In brief, Justina suffers from mitochondrial disease, a genetic disease that her sister also suffers from. She was successfully being treated and leading a relatively normal life when she got the flu. Connecticut residents, the family was advised to take her to Boston Children’s Hospital. It was there that Justina was taken from her parents by DCF, after Boston Children’s decided that her illness was in reality a mental disorder, while accusing her parents of abuse. Since then Justina has been denied the medications that kept her functioning and pain free. Her physical condition has deteriorated drastically

The following information is structured in such a fashion that will allow you to easily share the facts about this horrible situation. Please notice that the media sources listed are both left and right politically. The fact that this family is being torn apart would be reason enough for every American to be up in arms. There is much more going on that most people don’t realize. Multiple families are going through this same nightmare. The Constitution is being trodden on and we are all at risk of losing our liberty if we do not stand up now.

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Fox News CT (local station that broke the story):

Huffington Post:

USA Today:

ABC News:

The Blaze:

FoxNews Insider:

Mad In America:

New York Daily News:

Facebook group to follow this story:

To donate to the family:

Joseph Oathout created the following Google Document with suggestions on how to help:

A whistle blower nurse gave this written statement:


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5 responses to “Free Justina – Information the public should know”

  1. sarahmariescott says :

    Reblogged this on In All Things and commented:
    Another blogger talks about the Justina Pelletier case. #freejustina #justinapelletier

  2. Matt says :

    Perhaps a legal tactic would be to sue both the state and the child’s original doctor for child abuse. The state claims the original medical treatment by an expert in that disease is medical child abuse but yet the state still allows the original specialist to continue his practice. As long as the state is going to claim that following the medical advice of the specialist is a reason to take a child away from its parents then the state has an obligation to prevent that same specialist from practicing medicine. The fact that the state has done nothing to stop the specialist from treating patients speaks very loudly.

  3. Denice Pearson says :

    THANKS for your efforts for Justina @DeniceSDP

  4. D.J. Smith says :

    I can’t find a site to donate to Justina, where is it?

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